Reverie Knights Tactics Review (PC)

Throw a firebomb to take down an archer and maybe push back one of his goblin friends. Follow that up with an ice wall that should make it harder to reach any of my characters next turn. One shield bash drives one opponent into a spike trap. My third character drops another bomb, this time acid, and uses a special ability to force one enemy to turn on his friends. Even after this solid of a turn, I have trouble seeing how I can reach all my objectives and make it out with my entire party in good health. Maybe I need to restart the battle and re-evaluate my previous decisions.

Reverie Knights Tactics is created by 40 Giants Entertainment and published by 1C Entertainment. The title is offered on the PlayStation 4 from Sony, the Xbox One from Microsoft, and the Nintendo Switch, but I played it on the PC using Steam.

The entire story is centered on Aurora, a young priestess who has dedicated her life to the quest for knowledge. She needs to travel to another continent… (read more)

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