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Revamped Google TV app with new ‘Highlights’ feed is now rolling out widely

The Google TV app was revamped earlier this year with Material You tweaks and a new ‘Highlights’ tab. This new tab essentially showcases YouTube videos, news, reviews, and other articles related to the movies and TV shows you’re interested in. The revamped ‘Highlights’ feed is now rolling out widely with the latest Google TV update, but the update sadly doesn’t include all the Material You design changes.

The redesigned app adds a bunch of new tabs at the bottom to make it easier for you to find what you need. The “Highlights” tab, as we mentioned earlier, is the place to be if you want additional information or content related to the movies and TV shows that you’re interested in. You’ll also see a “Share” button to, well, share that content across platforms, and a stacked cards button to load “Related highlights”. You’ll also be able to like or dislike the content that you see in order to tune the feed better. This presumably works similar to how you’d tune Google’s “Discover” feed to see relevant content.

New revamped Google TV app interface

New revamped Google TV app interface

Next to it is the “For You”, which is now the new “Home” tab. Google seems to have removed the top tabs for Movies and Shows from the main page of the older version. They’re now a part of the For You tab and you’ll find them as you scroll down. “Shop” is next in line, and we expect this to become more relevant and useful once the Play Store gets rid of the Play Movies & TV tab. Lastly, there’s the “Your Stuff” tab which is a consolidated list to show what’s in your library and your watchlist. This may not be the most intuitive way to access the library for some as it now takes an additional step, but this is how Google has decided to switch things up with the new update.

The new version (v4.32.50) of the Google TV app with this new redesign is now rolling out via the Play Store. The update, as we mentioned earlier, doesn’t bring the Material You tweaks, so it appears that they’re reserved for an upcoming update.

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