Returnal Survival Guide: Essential Tips & Tricks To Know Before Playing

Returnal, the latest PS5 exclusive from arcade shooter experts Housemarque, might seem like a familiar game initially. With its rougelite structure, traditional third-person action, and creepy atmosphere, it’s easy to think of comparisons and mashups of existing titles like Hades, Control, and Metroid. Like most rouguelites too, Returnal’s fun is found in developing skills through failure, with each run teaching you something new. It can help to go in with a little guidance, especially if you’re finding the opening hours particularly challenging. Here are some tips that will help you get up to speed with Returnal’s pace, and explain some of its more obscure mechanics to save you some time.

For our full thoughts about Returnal, be sure to read our full review. Otherwise, read on and discover our essential tips.

Don’t Stop Moving

Housemarque is departing from its traditional 2D arcade shooter roots with Returnal, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t brought with it the same fundamental gameplay pillars. One of those is the bombardment of projectiles and enemies you’ll have to deal with, making any time you remain stationary progressively more dangerous. Returnal’s combat arenas are designed to feel cramped purposefully, but each one offers nooks and crannies for you to exploit, allowing you to create space and distance from foes. Better yet, consistently moving around forces enemies to break formation and find different ways to get to you, creating better chances for you to pick them off individually.

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