Return to Bird World is the real soundtrack to a fake sequel to a video game that doesn’t exist

Return to Bird World album cover art
Image: Aliana Wong / Leon Chang

In Return to Bird World, players are brought back to the floating kingdom of Bird World thousands of years after the events of the original game to find the once-brilliant island has fallen into ruin. While the darker setting is a departure from the original Bird World, the new game still has one key trait in common: it doesn’t actually exist. But its soundtrack does.

Return to Bird World comes from musician and Twitter personality Leon Chang, who’s been releasing video game-inspired albums for the past few years. His first big project, 2017’s Bird World, was ostensibly the soundtrack to an SNES-era game about a tiny bird embarking on an adventure. Even though you’ll never play it, the soundtrack offered an idea of what the nonexistent…

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