Resident Evil: Village Is Heavily Inspired By RE4

In an interview for PlayStation Official Magazine’s March 2021 issue, as quoted by Wccftech, producer Peter Fabiano has confirmed that Resident Evil: Village takes a lot of inspiration from Resident Evil 4, one of the most critically well-received games in the entire franchise. He’s also dropped a few more hints about Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters, as well as building up some high expectations for the next main-line Resident Evil game.

“You’ll notice we took a lot of inspiration from Resident Evil 4,” Fabiano explained. “The team has put a ton of effort into creating a truly authentic feel. There are plenty of surprises to keep you on your toes; players will find a balance of combat, exploration, and puzzle solving.”

At a superficial level, there are quite a few obvious parallels between Resident Evil 4 and Village, from the European rural village setting to the kidnapping of a character’s daughter as the central plot drive. It’ll be interesting to see how much further the Resident Evil 4 inspiration goes beyond those plot similarities, however.

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