Resident Evil Acknowledges Fan Thirst, Reveals Lady Dimitrescu’s Official Height

Ever since she was first revealed in the Resident Evil Village Showcase, the game’s “tall lady” antagonist Lady Dimitrescu has been all anyone is talking about, already appearing in multitudes of fan art, comics, and cosplay. Now, a tweet from the official Resident Evil account has acknowledged that collective fan thirst, releasing a statement from the game’s art director Tomonori Takano about Lady Dimitrescu’s unexpected popularity.

The most important part of the statement–written in bold–is Dimitrescu’s official height, which is a staggering 2.9m or 9 foot 6 inches tall. To put this in perspective, the tallest woman alive today is 233.3 cm or 7 foot 7 inches tall, with that record belonging to Yao Defen from China.

The statement also says that the attention given to Lady Dimitrescu and her witchy daughters has been “far more than we anticipated,” though Takano says that the love for Dimitrescu in particular has “made all of us in the development team very happy.”

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