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REDO! Review (PS5)

At first glance, REDO! doesn’t promise too much. Its 16-bit graphics are cute, but we have already seen that on countless occasions. The story is nothing to phone home about. The game mechanics don’t bring anything new to the table. Yet, this game developed in three years by a single person, somehow overcomes its limitations and manages to be more than just the sum of its parts.

REDO! is not a stroll in the park by any means. The control is not the friendliest and the gameplay mechanics can be unforgiving. It is a Metroidvania style game, that will scare you like a true horror production. However, if you get past the initial frustration and manage to find that determination rivaling the one incited by the soulslike titles, you’ll start seeing REDO! with different eyes.      

The story is simple, yet functional. You are the last survivor on the planet, a lonely girl who has to face biomachines in a truly dystopian setting. In the middle of the despair caused by thes… (read more)

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