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Redefining “privacy” and “personal security” in a changing infosec world

Redefining privacy at Ars Frontiers. Click here for transcript. (video link)

At the Ars Frontiers event in Washington, DC, I had the privilege of moderating two panels on two closely linked topics: digital privacy and information security. Despite significant attempts to improve things, conflicting priorities and inadequate policy have weakened both privacy and security. Some of the same fundamental issues underly the weaknesses in both: Digital privacy and information security are still too demanding for average people to manage, let alone master.

Our privacy panel consisted of Electronic Frontier Foundation deputy executive Kurt Opsahl, security researcher Runa Sandvik, and ACLU Senior Policy Analyst Jay Stanley. Individuals trying to protect their digital privacy face “a constant arms race between what the companies are trying to do, or doing because they can, versus then what people are saying that they either like or don’t like,” Sandvik explained.

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