Red Dead Online Update Hands Out Double Rewards For Naturalists And Anglers This Week

This week’s Red Dead Online weekly update has gone live, and for players looking to explore the rugged outdoors or spend some time down by the lake, the next couple of days look set to be especially rewarding. Developer Rockstar Games has detailed all of this week’s updates and more in a new blog post that you can read highlights of below.

Naturalist Rewards

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Naturalists can home double the cash and XP rewards on all sample sales this week, as well as an added bonus of 100 Sedative Varmint Rifle rounds and five Animal Revivers on any Legendary animal samples. For players looking to explore Red Dead Online’s more natural side, a complimentary care package featuring Potent Herbivore bait, Potent Predator bait, and three Special lake lures will be available as well.

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The retail cost of the Naturalist’s sample kit is also being discounted, with players able to take five Gold Bars off that gear. Completing a round of Wildlife Photographer will result in a 40% discount on the Advanced Camera, and bringing pelts to Gus Macmillan for him to turn into garments and trinkets will result in the cost of outfits below Rank 15 being discounted by 50%.

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