Razer Seiren V2 Pro Review

Content creators have become the preferred audience for more and more tech companies, with even software giant Microsoft launching two separate Windows 10 versions specifically dubbed “Creators Update.”

Unsurprisingly, Razer has its own niche to go after with “creators” products, and this is exactly the purpose of the recently-announced Seiren V2 Pro microphone.

As you can easily figure out by just reading its name, this is a professional microphone that’s more or less aimed at people who’ve made streaming a business rather than at casual gamers who just want to play games and chat with friends.

But at the end of the day, the Seiren V2 Pro can be used by pretty much anyone who wants a crystal-clear signal that makes clarity a top priority.

The first impression after unboxing the Seiren V2 Pro more or less made me think about Apple products. The build quality is impressive (okay, maybe not all people are fans of Apple products, but nobody can deny the quality of t… (read more)

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