Punk Wars Review (PC)

My battle line of four watchmen has been dealing with enemies’ assaults with relative ease, backed by a medic and positioned just ahead of a choke point. But every time I want to advance my enemies manage to inflict significant losses, which I need time to replenish. I can probably win this battle and destroy this enemy base by simply hanging back for a long enough time that I can accumulate a big numerical superiority.

But this is a boring way to play a strategy title so I invest in some better tech, hoping that it can give me the edge to break the stalemate. Even if it does, I also need to prepare for losses. Maybe a bit more industrial expansion is required before trying to deal a big blow to the enemy corporation.

Punk Wars was put together by Strategy Forge and is published by Jujubee, with the game offered on the PC. It blends an interesting take on a post-apocalyptic universe with classic turn-based mechanics and 4X concepts.
The setup is kinda simple but al… (read more)

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