PSA: Monster Hunter Rise Gesture Issue Preventing Some Players From Opening Their Saves

Monster Hunter Rise‘s Action and Hurt poses can cause a severe issue in the game. As Capcom acknowledged on Twitter, the poses can potentially prevent you from opening your save file if you quit the game after using them from the action bar.

“We’re aware of an issue with the Action/Hurt Pose DLC gestures where setting either to the action bar and quitting the game can cause an error preventing you from opening the same save file the next time you launch the game,” Capcom wrote on Twitter. “We’re working on an update to fix this ASAP.”

The company says this issue can also arise if you set either of the gestures to the radial menu. To prevent any potential problems, Capcom recommends avoiding setting these gestures to the action bar or radial menu and only using them from the start menu.

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