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Project Warlock II Preview (PC)

Shotgun-equipped enemies are accurate enough that I prioritize them in any fight, with imps coming second on my kill list. Shambling monsters, regardless of their size, aren’t that threatening, especially if I have a clear idea of where I can retreat. Of course, there’s always a chance I will end up surrounded by too many enemies, unable to deal with them even with my awesome auto-reloading shotgun. But until then I plan to push forward, conserve as much ammo as possible, and mine all enemies for extra health and armor.

Project Warlock II is developed by Buckshot Software and published by Retrovibe. The game is now in Early Access on Steam on the PC. The plan is to keep it there for the coming year, taking in feedback from the community. The title delivers a very classic take on the first-person shooter genre.

The narrative is straightforward: the original warlock is missing, there are demons everywhere, and it’s time to do something about that. The developers are … (read more)

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