Princess Charm Won’t Be In Knockout City, But She Should Be

I’m here to champion for Princess Charm, the standout of the trailer for Knockout City, which aired during February’s Nintendo Direct. Princess Charm deserves to be added into Knockout City in some capacity going forward–heck, she should have her own game. But according her creators, it looks like she won’t be a part of Knockout City beyond the reveal trailer.

Turns out the vulgar and sassy princess is primarily a marketing tool for the multiplayer-focused dodgeball game, according to freelance artists Anaïs and Martí.

“I don’t think she will [appear in Knockout City],” Anaïs tweeted. “Each character from the trailer interview is just there to represent [a] famous video game genre–she’s just meant to be a punk Princess Peach parody! But who knows.”

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