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Power Chord Preview (PC)

I wasn’t prepared for so much armor action. My own band tends to absorb enemy attacks using card-powered barriers but the demons I am facing prefer to stack up on armor. I don’t have the corrosion cards I need to take those down, so I need to waste attacks that should land on demon flesh. At least have plenty of defensive cards and a singer with vampire abilities to lean on.

Power Chord is developed and published by Big Blue Bubble. I played a demo of it on the PC using Steam. The title delivers card-driven battles with a rogue-lite structure that incorporates metal and supernatural themes.

The story premise is chaotic and fun: a demon invasion was stopped by a legendary warrior that used a magical guitar to heal a crack between worlds. Now the player has to lead his own band of supernaturally gifted musicians in a fight against demons who want to reclaim the same artifact to open a portal betwee… (read more)

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