Pokemon Unite’s Beta Begins In Canada Next Month

Pokemon Unite will arrive on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices later this year, and if you happen to live in Canada, you’ll be one of the first people to try it out. The beta test of Pokemon Unite will open in March on Android devices in Canada, although the exact start and end times have not yet been revealed. If you’re interested, you can sign up now for the beta through the Google Play Store.

Revealed in June 2020, Pokemon Unite is a MOBA-inspired spin-off from the pocket monster franchise and features gameplay elements similar to League of Legends. The team-based cooperative MOBA is being developed in cooperation with Tencent and Timi Studios, and it will be free-to-play on Nintendo Switch and iOS/Android devices.

Battles take place on MOBA-like maps that are split in half, with each team being made up of five Pokemon. Like other MOBA games, the ultimate goal is to take control of several strategic points on the map, bank points, and level up your Pokemon during each round so that they become more powerful as the match continues. Once a match is over, the team with the most points scored will win.

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