Pokemon Sword And Shield’s Next Event Asks Players To Beat Up Cramorant

Pokemon Sword and Shield are kicking off a new Max Raid Battle event next week. The event begins at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET on February 3 and asks players to defeat Cramorant, with different rewards available depending on how many of the Pokemon are beaten.

Serebii reports that level 100 Cramorant will be appearing during the event. If players manage to defeat 1 million of these, everyone will receive a Gold Bottle Cap, three regular Bottle Caps, and three Pearl Strings as a reward. The Bottle Caps can be exchanged to Hyper Train a Pokemon at the Battle Tower, while the Pearl Strings can be sold at shops for a lot of money.

Besides Cramorant, Serebii reports that Quagsire, Golurk, Flygon, and Indeedee will also be appearing in Max Raid dens throughout the event. Additional details will be announced soon.

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