Pokemon Go Trading Distance Being Increased For January Community Day

Pokemon Go‘s January Community Day takes place this Saturday, January 16. The featured Pokemon this time around is Machop, and Niantic is making it a little easier for players to evolve it during the event.

From January 15-18, Niantic is temporarily increasing the game’s trading distance to 40 km, allowing you to trade Pokemon with a friend from farther away than usual. This should help make it a bit easier to evolve Machoke into Machamp, as it’s one of a handful of Pokemon that can essentially evolve by trading, just as in the mainline games.

If you receive select Pokemon like the aforementioned Machoke in a trade, its Candy requirement to evolve will be completely removed, effectively allowing you to evolve it for free. Considering that it normally costs 100 Candy to evolve a three-stage Pokemon into its final form, this is a nice alternate means of evolving some monsters.

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