Pokemon Go Tour Kanto Event: How To Pick Your Event Version

Pokemon Go is celebrating the series’ 25th anniversary with the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto, a one-day event revolving around the original 150 Pokemon. As with the original games, the event will be available in two flavors, a Red Version and a Green Version, and now developer Niantic has explained how you’ll be able to choose your event version when the festivities begin later this month.

How To Choose Your Event Version

The Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event takes place on Saturday, February 20. Before you can participate, however, you’ll need to choose which “version” of the event you want to experience. Once the event is underway, open your item bag and select your Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto virtual ticket. After that, you’ll see a prompt asking you to Choose Red or Choose Green. Simply tap on the event version you’d like to experience to make your choice. Bear in mind that your choice is final, so think carefully before making your selection.

Version Differences

As was the case with the original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green games, the primary difference between the event versions boils down to Pokemon selection. Some monsters will be more likely to appear depending on which version of the event you choose. You can see the full list of event-exclusive Pokemon below:

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