Pokemon Go: How To Catch Binacle And Shiny Trubbish

Pokemon Go’s Sustainability Week is underway until April 25. Not only does the event feature new Research tasks and other bonuses, but it also gives players their first chance to catch two new Pokemon in the mobile game: Binacle and Shiny Trubbish. If you’re looking to add either monster to your collection, here are some tips to help you catch Binacle and Shiny Trubbish during Sustainability Week.

How To Catch Binacle

Both Binacle and its evolved form, Barbaracle, have arrived in Pokemon Go as part of the Sustainability Week event. The Rock/Water types were first introduced in Pokemon X and Y, making them the latest Gen 6 monsters to appear in Pokemon Go.

You can find Binacle one of three ways during Sustainability Week. First, you can encounter it in the wild. This will require a bit of luck, since you can’t tell what Pokemon will spawn at any given time, but you can increase your chances of finding one by using an Incense.

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