PlayStation 5’s Biggest Update Since Launch Drops on April 14

Sony has been quite slow in making PlayStation 5 the perfect console. Besides a few updates that fixed a bunch of issues with the initial software, there haven’t been any improvements added since PlayStation 5 was introduced on the market.

Fast forward several months and the PlayStation 5 is finally getting an update worth reporting about. Before we go deeper into what you should expect from this update, let’s mention that this won’t be available until tomorrow, April 14.

The first important new feature included in the update is the option to store your PlayStation 5 games on an external storage drive. The bad news is you will only be able to store them, no play them from an external drive. Its usefulness is limited to the fact that you will be able to install the games from your external storage drive rather than download them again or copy them from a disc, which should be faster according to Sony.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to download games directl… (read more)

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