Play this Dreamcast Castlevania game 20+ years after it was canceled

Back in 1999, journalists and industry insiders attending that year’s E3 got to try an early demo version of Castlevania: Resurrection for the Sega Dreamcast. When the game was canceled in March of 2000, those lucky few became the only people outside of Konami to ever experience a Castlevania game on the system.

Today, you can join them, as a playable version of the Resurrection demo has been uploaded to the Internet.

The long-lost demo comes to the wider world thanks to French Dreamcast preservationist Comby Laurent, who has documented a number of unreleased Dreamcast prototypes on his website. Laurent said he first became aware of a working copy of the Resurrection demo earlier this month through an acquaintance who had provided the first new video evidence of the demo in action.

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