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Persona 5 Royal Review (PS5)

Persona 5 received so many awards that this alone is asking for a playthrough if JRPG is among your favorite gaming genres. Persona 5 Royal just makes the recommendation to play the game an absolute must. For those who played and finished Personal 5, or even got the platinum, Persona 5 Royal is still a fun ride thanks to the additions implemented by Atlus.

First off, there’s a new character, Kasumi, which you can recruit as a party member. More importantly, Atlus added a new school semester, expanding the story alongside a new Palace. Also, a bunch of new events (characters scenes, holidays), new Personas, new enemies, new weapons, accessories and armor have been added too.

But the most important thing is that you’ll now be getting two new story endings, depending on the choices you made throughout the game and whether or not you managed to befriend specific characters by the time the “point of no return” date arrives.

For those unfamiliar, Persona 5 Royal is the … (read more)

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