Per Aspera Review (PC)

What’s more important when it comes to sustaining life on Mars? Does it need increased temperatures or increased atmospheric pressure? Do I research the path to one or the other? Or do I focus on the well-being of my colonists and on attracting as many of them as I can support by getting more water and food? And what should I do about power? These are just a few of the planning choices that Per Aspera throws up.

The title is a variation on the city builder and management genres, created by Tlon Industries and published by Raw Fury. Playing as a very capable Artificial Intelligence, gamers will have to find the best way to develop an industrial infrastructure on Mars and find ways to terraform the Red Planet.

The start of the game is relatively slow but it does a good job of explaining the main concepts for those who have no played a similar title before. The A.I. awakens and needs to mine materials, build factories, and supply them with electricity to develop a lim… (read more)

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