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PC Sales Expected to Go Down, And It Makes Perfect Sense

2020 and 2021 witnessed massive increases in terms of PC and tablet sales, as a big part of the world started working remotely.

The two industry sectors, therefore, recorded massive increases that nobody believed were possible, and after two years of super-strong demand, sales of PCs and tablets are now expected to go down.

The latest report from IDC estimates that global shipments of traditional PCs are expected to go down by 12.8 percent this year to 305.3 million, while the tablet market could decline by 6.8 percent to 156.8 million units.

“Further contraction is also expected in 2023 as consumer demand has slowed, the education demand has been largely fulfilled, and enterprise demand gets pushed out due to worsening macroeconomic conditions. The combined market for PCs and tablets is forecast to decline 2.6% in 2023 before returning to growth in 2024,” IDC says.

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