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PC Sales Expected to Go Down 9.5% This Year

The PC market enjoyed a massive boost in the last couple of years for obvious reasons, but in 2022, the sales are expected to go down substantially.

A report from Gartner suggests that PC sales are likely to decline no more, no less than 9.5 percent, with companies across the world projected to sell a total of 310 million units.

Last year, the PC market sales totaled 342 units.

The tablet industry will experience a bigger drop as well, as it’ll decline from 156 million units to 142 million devices, This means it could drop as much as 9 percent year over year.

The reasons

In case you’re wondering what’s going to cause the drop, it all comes down to the reasons that pretty much anyone can already guess.

“A perfect storm of geopolitics upheaval, high inflation, currency fluctuations and supply chain di… (read more)

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