Paul Sutter walks us through the future of climate change—things aren’t great

Produced and directed by Corey Eisenstein. Transcript coming soon. (video link)

Our previous episode of Edge of Knowledge peeped back in time a few billion years to explore the origins of life on Earth, but now we aim our lens in a different direction. Rather than looking at the distant past to see how life began, this episode looks to the near future—specifically, at the ways in which Earth’s climate might change over the next few decades.

Dealing with it

First, let’s get this bit of inconvenient truth out of the way: anthropogenic climate change—that is, climate change caused by humans—is well-established science. The evidence is overwhelming, and attempted rebuttals are incomplete, flawed, or fabricated. The questions we need to be answering, as Paul points out in the video, aren’t “Is this even happening?” or “Should we do something?” The questions we’re now faced with are “How bad is it going to get?” and “What, exactly, do we need to be doing?”

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