Patch Notes: PUBG Mobile’s Big 1.2 Update Is Out Now

PUBG Mobile‘s latest big update has arrived, bringing with it new modes and corresponding loot. Check out everything that’s been added in the patch, including the brand new Runic Power Mode in the full patch notes below.

Runic Power is a new event that’ll run from the moment you update until March 7. Available on the Erangel map, Runic Power has players select one of three special powers that they can then use by collecting rune fragments on the map.

The three runes are the Flame Rune, Arctic Rune, and Wind Rune, each with different abilities to suit varied playstyles. The Flame Rune is the most attack-based, with the ability to summon a fire-based attack and apply burning damage with your regular ammo. The Arctic Rune summons an ice wall that can be used either to impede opponents or to lift up anything on top of the wall’s area. The Wind Rune creates a shield that will reduce projectile damage, as well as increasing player movement speed.

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