Outriders Demo Guide: Which Character Class Is Right For You?

Upon completing Outriders‘ prologue, you’ll be able to pick one of four classes. You need to choose carefully–your class is permanent (though you can adjust your character’s appearance whenever you want upon entering Outriders’ first hub area). In the following guide, we break down the benefits and drawbacks of the Devastator, Trickster, Pyromancer, and Technomancer so you can more easily decide which is right for you.

During the Outriders demo, you will be able to unlock the first four abilities of each class, giving you a pretty good idea of how they all play. While all four classes are geared towards fighting out in the open, they differ primarily in playstyle and methods. But each class isn’t entirely a cut-and-dried role; each possesses specializations that allow you to twist them into fulfilling specific squad-based roles.

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Devastator – Tank Class

The Devastator commands gravity, ripping apart the earth around them both as a means of protection and offense. This class excels in the heat of battle and its abilities allow it to take quite a bit of punishment before going down, possessing a 15% boost to maximum health and 30% increase to armor. If you typically play as the tank role in your group of friends, the Devastator is for you.

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