Outriders Demo Guide: The Trickster Is The Best Class For Solo Play

The biggest decision you’ll have to make when first jumping into the Outriders demo is deciding which character class is right for you. Spoiler: They’re all pretty good. That said, some are better suited for supportive roles in Outriders’ cross-play multiplayer, so if you want to play on your own, we’d advise you steer clear of them. If you’re thinking of going it solo, we recommend picking Trickster.

Both of the close-range classes (the Devastator and the Trickster) seem geared for folks looking to tackle Outriders’ campaign solo. But the hit-and-run specialist Trickster manages to inch ahead of the tank-like Devastator as the Trickster’s first four abilities are better geared towards crowd control. Whereas the Devastator largely survives through outright endurance, the Trickster can control space and time to teleport around the battlefield and slow the actions of enemies, making it a whole lot easier to get out of a jam and quickly deal tons of damage.

Why You Should Pick Trickster Over Devastator

We can’t overstate how valuable the Trickster’s abilities are. Hunt the Prey allows you to easily teleport across the battlefield, which is a great way to first take out a sniper that’s entrenched behind a dozen enemies and a crucial get-out-of-jail-free card when you’re surrounded and about to die. It also only has an 11-second cooldown, allowing you to use it a whole lot more often than the Devastator’s Gravity Leap (which fulfills a similar role) and its 20-second cooldown. Neither Pyromancer nor Technomancer have anything like it in the demo.

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