orbit.industries Review (PC)

I am comfortably running four money-making projects at a time, keeping my space station in the black, while contemplating a major expansion of capabilities. I have just completed some solid research and need to plan the locations of my solar arrays and how I plan to put up at least three deep-space dishes. It will be ready to push out a few extensions, separated with bulkheads, and simply drop the needed modules in. But I also need about the extra power they will need and about how I will connect them to the increasingly chaotic internal systems of my space station.

orbit.industries is developed by LAB132, with Klabater in charge of publishing. I played it on the PC using Steam, and it is also offered on the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X and S, and older consoles from Microsoft and Sony. This is a modern take on classic building and management concepts, with a focus on space-based thinking.

Players will become the commander of one space stat… (read more)

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