One Of The Most Difficult Parts Of Making WandaVision Will Surprise You

The time has nearly arrived. In mere days, the first Marvel Studios project in over a year will be released when the first two episodes of WandaVision premiere on Disney+. This isn’t your run of the mill MCU movie or TV show, though. As the first entry in Phase 4, it’s setting aside Marvel’s traditional comic book style to instead pay tribute to the great sitcoms throughout TV history.

From classic sitcoms Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, all the way through The Brady Bunch and even Full House, WandaVision goes out of its way to recreate the style of those iconic TV shows as closely as possible–right down to the visual effects.

Of course, one of the things the MCU is most synonymous with is cutting-edge visual effects, which attempt to make the extraordinary seem commonplace–be it men in robot suits fighting men exposed to radiation that makes them gigantic or massive purple alien monsters snapping humanity out of existence on a whim. Those don’t exactly fit in with the ’50s sitcom aesthetic, though. In those shows, nearly all special effects were smaller in scale and done practically, for better or worse.

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