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One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend Preview (PC)

I have a run that allows me to deal damage when equipping armor, which is a great way to make sure my hero doesn’t lose health when enemies launch their attacks. But I also need to deal some damage of my own, so I boost one card that affects all three of my opponents and then add some strikes of my own. On my next turn, I will reach Wakfu level six, so I am saving some attacks for that moment, hoping to deal with all my opponents in one massive turn filled with nothing but attacks.

One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend is developed and published by Ankama Studio. I played a demo on the PC using Steam. This is a card-driven rogue-lite experience with a lot of procedurally generated content. Oropo is the protagonist, set to explore the World of Twelve, which involves battles, random encounters, and some story elements. It also involves plenty of dying, which takes the protagonist to a safe village where he can prepare for another run.

The card combat is pretty standard: stac… (read more)

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