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One in Four Netflix Users Plan to Give Up on the Service

There was a time when Netflix was the go-to service for streaming services, but the last 2 years brought a major change in terms of trends in this industry.

It’s not a secret that Netflix has been looking into ways to boost revenues, but some of these ideas have already pushed users to rival platforms.

And according to a new survey from, no less than 25 percent of the current Netflix users plan to give up on the platform by the end of the year.

When asked about the reason for leaving Netflix, over 40 percent of the current subscribers pointed to the increasing costs of a subscription. One in five people believes Netflix is no longer the pioneer when it comes to new titles, so the missing content, obviously available on rival platforms, is what’s pushing them to a competitor.

“The other big complaint from Netflix users is two-fold: 1 in 3 res… (read more)

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