On Destiny 2’s Europa, We’re Still Waiting On Revelations About Cayde-6

One of the best things about Destiny 2‘s Beyond Light expansion is how much concrete story it has delivered. Destiny’s story has always been unwieldy, largely because there’s a lot of it–but most of it took place in the distant past, somewhere outside of what’s actually in the game. In Beyond Light, Bungie tied together a host of dangling lore threads, filling in gaps we’ve been wondering about for a long, long time. Names like Clovis Bray finally have faces, and characters we’ve been wondering about from Destiny 1, like the Exo Stranger, have finally explained their actions.

Every so often, Bungie collects some of those lore entries together into book form, as Destiny Grimoire Anthologies. The books center on specific themes, like the influence of the Darkness or the history of the Fallen, and each one has been relevant to whatever stories Destiny 2 was telling at the time of their release. Grimoire Anthology Vol. 3, which was released right around the launch of Beyond Light, includes lore relevant to the Exos, Rasputin, and Clovis Bray–and gives some clues about what we might still learn on Europa.

Beyond Light’s backstory is all about the birth of the Exo race–robots into which human consciousnesses have been downloaded. That’s a major part of the third Grimoire Anthology book as well, with the book compiling lore entries about the Exos’ strange relationship with the Deep Stone Crypt. The book ends with what feels like a major clue as to what we can expect from the story on Europa as it continues to unfold in coming seasons. The last portion of the book focuses on Destiny’s most famous Exo, the former Hunter Vanguard and the character who was murdered to kick off the Forsaken expansion: Cayde-6.

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