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OLED monitor selection is pathetic. 2023 can change that

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For many of us, a lot of the screens we view daily can easily be OLED. The iPhone in your pocket. The screen on the new laptop you finally bought. That luxurious 4K TV and even that beloved Nintendo Switch. But OLED awesomeness has far from proliferated computer monitors—especially if you’re not into gaming.

Numerous hurdles limit OLED monitor adoption, including concerns about screen burn-in. But one thing we’re hoping to see in 2023 is a greater selection. Right now, you can count the number of OLED monitors that aren’t 42-inch-plus juggernauts or push refresh rates that require serious GPUs on one hand. OLED monitors that focus on productivity, photo editing, or HDR get minimal love.

By the time 2023’s done, we hope there’s more than a handful of OLED monitors available to interest non-gamers. We don’t expect homes and offices to become flooded with them, but 2023 could be a big step to OLED monitors having the variety and availability that OLED TVs and other devices have enjoyed for years.

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