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Oakenfold Review (PC)

I position my agile version of Asha to launch a flying knee attack at one bug enemy to kill him before I get his power crystal. I then move one square and backstab another opponent, making sure that his attack does not target a precious crate. I then go stand on an enemy spawn point, which will hurt me but means that I have to deal with fewer opponents during the next wave. I bank my remaining moves, giving my character more options farther in the run.

Next turn the character opens up with another flying knee move but I discover it puts me in a bad position. So I use the TimeScrubber to rewind and look for a better alternative, trying to make sure I use my void grenade in efficient ways. I want to move enemies away from the crates and make them attack each other as much as possible. But maybe that’s easier to do when using one of the other two character archetypes.

Oakenfold is developed by Rutger van Dijk, with publishing in the hands o… (read more)

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