Nvidia Slashes Crypto Mining Performance On Gaming Cards Ahead Of RTX 3060 Launch

To curb continuing stock issues for its latest RTX 30-series, Nvidia is launching a brand-new line of GPUs focused entirely on Ethereum mining, while drastically reducing the effectiveness of GeForce-branded hardware.

Ahead of the launch of the RTX 3060 on February 25, Nvidia has announced that it will push out drivers for the GPU that halve its potential effectiveness at mining Ethereum. This is achieved by identifying certain hashing algorithms used when mining the cryptocurrency and reducing the card’s performance programmatically.

To make up for the change, Nvidia is launching a whole new line of GPUs specifically designed for mining, with the latest Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP) range. These cards won’t have any video outputs, feature lower peak core voltages and frequencies, and improved airflow to help densely packed data centers get as much performance as they can from mining racks.

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