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NVIDIA Provides Spider-Man Remastered Support – Get GeForce Game Ready 516.94

NVIDIA has rolled out a new version of its GeForce Game Ready graphics driver, namely version 516.94, which includes support for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered that utilizes gaming technologies such as NVIDIA DLSS, DLAA, HBAO+, as well as upgrades ray-tracing effects.

In addition to that, this new update should enhance the gaming experience for Madden NFL 23, SUPER PEOPLE, and Apex Legends, improves Red Dead Redemption 2 performance when using DLSS, and makes sure Overwatch will not freeze when launching a match.

If applied, NVIDIA’s release will also fix Dungeons 3 crashes upon startup, resolve Destiny 2 freeze events after launch or during gameplay, remove flashing black boxes seen in Prepar3D light sources, and ensures Chivalry 2 won’t experience any problems when toggling DLSS presets.

Besides these changes, the 516.94 version improves Xbox Application so that it works well with windowed G-SYNC, fixes a bug that caused audio to drop out in NVIDIA Ampere GPU, a… (read more)

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