Nvidia Announces Native DLSS Support For Unity

Popular game development engine, Unity, will receive native Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) support before the end of 2021, allowing developers to easily implement it in their games.

Nvidia made the announcement as part of its GTX 2021 event, stating that its proprietary AI-powered downsampling would enable better performance for Unity titles that make use of raytracing. Games using traditional rasterized graphics will also see a performance uplift, as has been seen in many titles that already make use of the tool.

DLSS was recently added to Unreal Engine as a development plugin, which means that two of the most widely used game engines in the industry will support the technology by the end of the year. This means that a large majority of the games you play on PC could support DLSS, which allows you to downscale your game for performance gains and allow Nvidia’s machine-learning algorithm to upscale the image with minimal visual impact.

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