Nobody Saves the World Review (Xbox One)

Who do you think is the best suited to save the world? A knight in shining armour? Perhaps a mighty wizard? How about a rat? Or a horse? Or a zombie? Certainly not a slug! Or perhaps all of the above. Nobody Saves the World offers you some pretty whacky and exciting choices, in a dungeon crawler that manages to turn grinding into fun.

The newest game signed by the developers of the well-known Guacamelee franchise, DrinkBox Studios puts a new spin on the action RPG genre, offering some pretty unusual character class choices. Nobody Saves the World is rich in humor and mixes different elements from different genres, the result being a fresh and entertaining experience. Being their most ambitious project up to date, this game is a splash of color that deserves our attention.   

The title is not misleading in any way, since you start your adventure as Nobody, a white empty husk that comes into the possession of a magic wand that will allow him to assume the form of 18 … (read more)

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