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Nitro Kid Review (PC)

I deliver a roundhouse kick that damages three enemies at a time, which is a great way to open up a battle. The problem is that I am standing right between them to do that, and all their coming attacks will hit me. I cannot get enough shield to withstand it all without losing health. But I can use make a move that will mean just one of the opponents will hit me and might also lead to some enemy-on-enemy friendly fire. I would love to attack this group a few times more. But I step away from the group.

As long as I take advantage of L33’s ability to strike and move, I will get out of this fight with some money, a new card to use, and no loss of HP. And I will need all three to deal with the rest of the challenges on this floor and then have a solid chance of dealing with the boss.

Nitro Kid is developed by Wildboy Studios and published by tinyBuild. I played using Steam on the PC. The title offers a turn and card-based action title with a focus on careful movement a… (read more)

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