Nintendo’s “thing after the Switch”: How an overheard convo sent me reeling

Today's very brief hint of the gaming future comes wrapped in a Nintendo bow.

Enlarge / Today’s very brief hint of the gaming future comes wrapped in a Nintendo bow. (credit: Aurich Lawson)

SEATTLE—It’s not every day I hear about unannounced Nintendo products over guac.

Thanks to a chance encounter last month, I’ve been sitting on one of the weirder scoops in my 25-year writing career—one that will simultaneously set many gamer tongues wagging and bore other gamers to death. It’s about Nintendo, and I should start by making abundantly clear that I didn’t get the information double-checked or verified by anyone who has particular access or insight into the gaming company’s plans (neither did I ask my uncle who—promise, swear—works as Mario’s personal driver).

But I have been turning over this minuscule scrap of information in my mind ever since. What I heard is both simultaneously a resounding “duh” for a company like Nintendo and yet also possibly illuminating about the industry giant’s near-future plans. So I invite you to sit with me, grab a chip, and pick at this bowl of game-industry-news guacamole.

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