Nintendo wraps Smash Bros. roster with Kingdom Hearts’ Sora

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came out with a bang Tuesday, with Nintendo revealing that Kingdom Hearts‘ Sora will be the final addition to the game’s substantial roster of fighters—and that the fan-favorite Square Enix-Disney action RPG mashup is coming to the Switch via cloud gaming.

Announced in a final showcase hosted by director Masahiro Sakurai, Ultimate‘s Challenger Pack 11 DLC will feature Kingdom Hearts‘ hero, the twelfth new DLC fighter since Super Mario’s Piranha Plant was added in January 2019. Sora employs his signature weapon, the Keyblade, as well as elemental magic attacks and will be available for download later this month.

Disney world(s)

If you’re unfamiliar with Kingdom Hearts, picture a Ready Player One-style crossover between Final Fantasy and Disney characters—who come from their own individual “worlds” themed around their respective movies or cartoons, like Toy StoryNightmare Before Christmas, and Pirates of the Caribbean—which Sora and his friends visit. (2002’s original Kingdom Hearts launched a year before the company, then known as Squaresoft, merged with Enix, so the latter’s Dragon Quest series has never been added to the universe.)

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