Nier: Automata’s Game-Skipping Cheat Discovered Nearly Four Years After Release

Nier: Automata is a very strange game, with multiple “endings” necessary in order to actually see its final ending and some of its content actually repeated from a different character’s perspective. This all comes together to deliver one of the most memorable conclusions in video games, but one clever player has managed to figure out a way to let you skip nearly all of it. We’re not exactly sure why you’d want to, but it’s apparently possible.

Major spoilers for Nier: Automata to follow!

Once you’ve unlocked ending “E” in Nier: Automata, you’re presented with a final credits sequence that sees other players’ save data assisting you in a retro shooter sequence to defeat the text itself. Completing this gives you the chance to sacrifice your own save data–thus erasing all of your progress–in order to give another player the chance to beat the game, too. This is where Twitter user Lance McDonald comes in.

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