Nick Frost And Simon Pegg’s Truth Seekers Canceled By Amazon Prime Video

Truth Seekers, the Amazon Prime Video British paranormal investigation comedy from duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, will not be getting a second season according to Frost. Deadline transcribed an Instagram story post from the co-star which is no longer online but in which he reportedly said, “Sadly, Truth Seekers will not be returning… which is a massive kick in the willy for me.”

The show, which started last fall on the streaming service, was about a team of part-time paranormal investigators using homemade gadgets to track the supernatural and then sharing their adventures online. The show’s official logline promises along the way they will “uncover a terrifying conspiracy as they go,” which now likely remains a mystery for fans.

As a duo, Frost and Pegg have collaborated on many projects and performed alongside one another in the popular Edgar Wright-directed Cornetto trilogy of films: 2004’s Shaun of the Dead, 2007’s Hot Fuzz, and 2013’s The World’s End. (This show was their eighth collaboration together.) In Truth Seekers, Pegg and Frost collaborated as co-writers with James Serafinowicz (The Peter Serafinowicz Show), and Nat Saunders (Sick Note). Directed by Jim Field Smith (The Wrong Mans), Truth Seekers ran for a total of eight episodes.

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