Next LibreOffice Update to Support Star Trek’s Klingon Language

LibreOffice continues to be the world’s number one alternative to Microsoft Office, and it’s no wonder why.

Not only that the productivity suite already comes with a super-advanced feature lineup, but every update adds additional improvements and new functionality that users out there really love.

LibreOffice 7.3, on the other hand, will try something different. The next update, which is due in early February, will come with support for two languages that don’t exist in real life, namely Star Trek’s Klingon and Interslavic.

As weird as that may sound, LibreOffice will soon be able to speak the language of Klingons, with The Document Foundation explaining that this doesn’t change the focus of the development team on the essential capabilities that are aimed at the majority of users out there.

“Yes, initial language support for Klingon and Interslavic is coming to LibreOffice. But before you ask: “Why don’t you focus on X or Y instead?” Remember that LibreOffice is… (read more)

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