New Task Manager Improvements Announced for Windows 11

Microsoft keeps refining the Task Manager in Windows 11, and the most recent preview build shipped as part of the Windows Insider program comes with additional improvements on this front.

More specifically, Microsoft has added a change that was spotted earlier this month in a Windows Insider podcast, so the Task Manager now sports accent colors based on your settings on the operating system.

“We’ve updated the Processes page in Task Manager so that the colors used in the heatmap are now based on your accent color. Please note in certain cases we will use the default blue accent color to ensure readability. We did a demo of this during this month’s Windows Insider webcast featuring Claton Hendricks from the Task Manager Team – watch the webcast on-demand here,” Microsoft explains.

Task Manager in Windows 11

Microsoft is continuously focusing on making the Task Manager a modern tool in the o… (read more)

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