New Pokemon Snap Sticks Close To The Original’s Formula, And That’s A Good Thing

For Pokemon fans of a certain age, Nintendo 64’s Pokemon Snap remains one of the most beloved spin-offs the series has ever produced, but it’s taken Nintendo more than 20 years to release any sort of follow-up. That two-decade wait will finally come to an end next month when New Pokemon Snap arrives on the Switch, and as we saw during a recent preview demonstration, the game, wisely, doesn’t stray very far from the original’s formula.

As before, your goal in New Pokemon Snap is not to capture Pokemon but rather to photograph them. The story is set in the Lental region, a diverse archipelago where Professor Mirror is conducting research into a mysterious phenomenon that’s causing Pokemon and vegetation to glow. As part of his research, you’ll travel around the different islands, photographing Pokemon in their natural habitats and unraveling the secret behind these luminous monsters.

The gameplay demonstration we watched focused primarily on Blushing Beach, the pristine coastal level briefly showcased in the game’s reveal trailer. Each locale in New Pokemon Snap comes in day and night versions, with different Pokemon to photograph between them. During the day, Pikachu, Bellossom, and Machamp could be seen roaming about the beach, while nocturnal monsters like Inkay, Zangoose, and Drifblim emerged at night. Even Pokemon that are present during both times of day will often be doing something different, presenting new photo opportunities; Exeggutor that are stomping about during the day will be sleeping along the shore at night, for instance, while Bellossom will be dancing in groups beneath the moonlight.

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