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New Gmail Enabled by Default for Some Users

The rollout of the new Gmail experience is making good progress, with Google announcing that it’s reaching another phase today.

The search giant explains that it’s enabling the new Gmail for some users, but at the same time, it’s also offering the opt-out experience. This means they will see the new Gmail by default, but at the same time, they can switch to the classic settings manually.

Google says the whole thing will happen in stages, so for now, only a limited number of users will get to see the new Gmail by default.

“Beginning today, we are rolling out the opt-out experience to a segment of Gmail users. This means that select users will see the new Gmail experience by default, but they will still have the option to revert to classic Gmail via the settings menu. As we continue to roll out this new experience, the new Gmail view will also continue to be available for users who want to enable it via Quick settings,” Google read more)

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